It’s bring-your-Easter-ham-to-work today. And boy, did we have a good one to bring in. So it’s slices of ham with poached asparagus drizzled with “buttery” extra-virgin olive oil, snipped chives from the studio flower box, and lemon to add brightness for lunch. Good thing it’s not bring-your-pet-rabbit to work today!



A spring lunch of risi e bisi, the soupy rice and pea dish from Venice. We make it with carnaroli rice so it stays loose and “wavy” the way the Venetians prefer it, peas, naturally, and tiny cubes of pancetta. Seems like just the thing to be eating on this pretty day.



We are leaving the studio a little early today to start our shopping for our Easter lunches. But before we head out we made this spring lunch to build our strength—new potatoes “buttered” with mayo and chives, fat asparagus with lemon, mortadella slices, and hard-cooked eggs. Happy Easter, dear friends. Hope you have a delicious holiday. Hippity hop.


A little lunch of fried chicken and pasta primavera—a strange combo but very delicious. The creamy pasta is spring’s stand-in for summer’s potato salad. The cherry blossoms and star magnolias are blooming here despite the cold snap, a couple of warm days and everything will bust wide open. We can’t wait.



It’s a salad sampler for today’s  lunch—little arugula & radicchio in a lemon vinaigrette, céleri rémoulade, and Pacific white shrimp with chives. Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-polka-dot-bikini time’s looming!


For today’s lunch we warmed up last Saturday night’s dinner—roasted duck & apples and puréed parsnips—and served it with a few leaves of dressed Bibb lettuce. We love leftovers.


Today, we buried an eggplant in the red-hot coals of our Franklin wood stove. There it cooked until the skin was blackened and papery thin, and the flesh was soft. We peeled it and anointed the smoky eggplant with good olive oil, then added a splash of our own red wine vinegar, some chopped parsley, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. It was the perfect mezze for a late lunch on this rainy Monday.


One of us is at home on their sofa, with a super-sized box of Kleenex, watching the British House of cards—achooo. The other is here at the studio. So it’s a simple, solo lunch of toast with Scottish smoked salmon. Listening to Ali Farka Touré to keep it all going. Enjoy your weekend, dear friends. Think of us and cook something delicious for yourself.


We are deep in a writing  project, so we are having a working lunch at the table—Fromager d’Affinois and Medjool dates. The combination is positively addictive, creamy, oozy cheese and sweet, chewy fruit on warm, crunchy buttered toast. We have to stop ourselves from eating the whole thing. We’ll take a walk along the towpath, hopefully, the rain and cool air will snap us out of it.



Today’s lunch is an artichoke with mayonnaise souped-up with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and garlic.


This week is starting off with a breakfast lunch of pan-fried chipolatas and new potatoes with poached eggs and chives. The other day, as we drove into Philadelphia, we saw a billboard for a gym with words something like,  ”You can’t hide in that puffy coat all summer”. Guess we better start the diet plate specials—soon, but not quite yet. Have a good week folks—eat well, be happy.


Spicy merguez sausages and a peppery watercress and radicchio salad for lunch today. You know what’s good about this dreary, rainy day? It’s not snowing. Be good to yourself and cook delicious things to eat this weekend.


We found darling little sweet potatoes at the market that we roasted and peeled. We could have just had them for lunch today, candy-sweet and bathed in salty Irish butter.  But since it’s still so freezing cold outside, we’re rounding out our meal (and, ahem, our figures) with earthy lentils and meaty pieces of smoked ham hock.


We are working separately today, so we sent each other pictures of what we made ourselves for lunch. Funniest thing, it seems we were on the same wave length. Foraging through our fridges and pantries, one of us came up with fettuccine carbonara (top) while the other made spaghetti with clam sauce (bottom). Guess we were comforting ourselves with carbs since we missed each other’s company.



Today’s lunch is Saturday night’s leftovers. We cooked chicken with capers and pancetta for the first dinner of our Spring Saturday Night Series. Conveniently, there were two chicken legs left (we kind of planned it that way). We are starting the week off very well and hope it continues that way. We are wishing the same for you.


We are ending this lively week with a late afternoon treat: a Cameo apple tart sweetened with some of our own marmelade, and two espressos. Have a lovely weekend, dear friends. Live a little, cook something delicious for yourself.


This morning everyone here in the river valley awoke to the quintessential spring day—splendidly fresh, breezy, and sunny—hollywood couldn’t have done it better. What joy. We’ve had the studio doors open all day letting in the sunshine and the cool air. It’s bowls of brothy stew of clams, sausage, peas, and gnocchi for lunch today. And yes, we still have the boots and parkas on, but it’s okay.



March is living up to its reputation, the cruelest month of all. Things better shape up weatherwise by tomorrow cause we are hoping to wear our spring dresses to work. But most likely we’ll still be in the winter uniforms—four sweaters, jeans, boots, and parkas.  So today we are taking comfort in a lunch of spaghetti and meatballs.

Click this link to Panna Cooking for the recipe and to see a video of us making a big platter of meatballs.



Our corned beef and cabbage lunch yesterday was simply too, too. But for us, it is really about the day-after corned beef hash—a mash of potatoes, onions, and shredded meat, fried to crispy perfection, topped with a poached egg, and a handful of minced chives. We’re taking a brisk afternoon stroll with Henry, the studio dog, to snap ourselves out of our contented stupor.


Today it’s a full on Irish-American corned beef and cabbage lunch, with boiled potatoes, onions, and carrots. Tomorrow’s lunch, corned beef hash with poached eggs (see this month’s Bon Appétit for our recipe). Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!


Erin go bragh! We are starting this fine, soft day with Irish soda bread and good salty Irish butter. The Chieftains lively music with fiddles, hornpipes, and Celtic harps fill the studio. Henry the dog is dancing a little jig, and he’s not bad. Stay tuned for corned beef and cabbage this afternoon.


We’re having a whole lot of vegetables and a bit of meat for lunch today. The little beets were roasted, the spring onions poached, and the steak pan-seared, then everything was anointed with butter and good olive oil, and a scattering of chives.  We washed it all down with thimblefuls of Alla Costiera’s elegant, organic dry Moscato, Agnese (Piedmont Wine Imports)—after all it is Friday. Have a lovely weekend dear friends, cook something delicious for yourself.


This week we have been eating lunch like queens, but because of circumstances beyond our control, our dinners have been downright meager—salad and crackers. So lunch has meant even more. Today we braised a spice-rubbed brisket with onions and served it with rice and Tuscan kale. It cooked while we worked, then we wolfed it down like stevedores.


We’ve decided to stick with spring no matter what the weather is doing out there (the temperature is expected to drop to 21° tonight). We’re having a lovely little ladies’ lunch of crab and avocado salad with tossed greens. Pretty spring greens on a dreary day.



There is a hardware store across the street from Canal House and all morning long we’ve watched building contractors dressed in jeans and T-shirts (no coats) walking below our studio windows—a true indicator of spring! So it’s warm enough for us to pack up our lunch and venture outside for our first picnic of the season. We cooked accordingly, fried chicken and potato salad. We’ll spread our blanket on a melting snow bank and pretend we’re on a sand dune.


We’re celebrating these long, lengthening days of light with a light lunch—a cauliflower soufflé. Spring is a mere ten days away.


Day five of “one leg of lamb, five meals”. So this morning we chopped up the last pound of lamb and stewed it with onions, garlic, the carrot and potato trimmings from yesterday’s turned vegetables, a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, and of course, salt and pepper. When the lamb was tender, we spooned a layer of mashed parsnips and potatoes on top, brushed it with butter, and let it bake and bubble in a hot oven. Twenty minutes later, shepherd’s pie! Cook something delicious for yourselves this weekend, dear friends. And don’t forget to “spring forward”!


Day four of “one leg of lamb, five meals”. In anticipation of this weekend’s warm weather (50° and sunny) and the time change, we’ve made this “spring forward” lamb navarin for lunch today.



Day three of “one leg of lamb, five meals”. We’re getting into the prime part of the leg now. We tied up a fine piece with kitchen twine into a miniature roast, rubbed it with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roasted it in a 400° oven until it was well-browned on the outside, while still tender and pink inside. We served the sliced lamb with a salad of mizuna leaves tossed in a mustardy vinaigrette and two glasses of rosé. We’re feeling like we just teleported to the Île de Porquerolles in the south of France—we can dream, can’t we?


Day two of “one lamb, five meals”. So we cut up the most marbled part of the leg and simmered it with onions, garlic, apples, and curry spices. After ninety long minutes (the aroma was killing us, we were ready to chew off our arms) it was lamb curry nirvana.