Open-face omelet: Baby zucchini and their flowers, slivered garlic, and serrano chile sautéed in very good olive oil and seasoned with s & p



Ploughman’s lunch Canal House style: homemade bread slathered with Irish butter and goat’s milk brie


First little zucchino lungo fiorentino from the garden, sautéed in olive oil with scallions, salt and pepper, and lemon; and when still warm, tossed with little cubes of mozzarella


Rice Salad: arborio, peas (cooked and raw), favas, string beans, scallions, chives, ham, and lots of parmigiano-reggiano, dressed with really good extra-virgin olive oil and s & p


Just-picked string beans with very good extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette, thick slices of French feta, and lots of chopped fresh mint, parsley, and chives


Pan-fried panko pork cutlet served with garden greens tossed in our Canal House vinaigrette


Whole branzino stuffed with Meyer lemon slices and roasted on a bed of potatoes, shallots, garlic, and scallions then doused with really good extra-virgin olive oil


In celebration of the summer solstice: A summer salad of grilled Copper River wild salmon, sliced potatoes buttered with lemon-anchovy mayonnaise, and early ripe tomatoes with fresh herbs and really good extra-virgin olive oil


Late spring salad from the garden—lettuce, zucchini, green beans, arugula, chives, and red wine-cured bacon from PorcSalt—dressed with vinaigrette


Back to crackers—with a smear of chevre, Scottish smoked salmon, cracked black pepper, and chives from the window box


Lunch at Dave Pasternack’s Esca in NYC—linguine with briny mahogany clams, hot red pepper, and pancetta—goes onto our list of all time favorites.


NYC Chinatown lunch; dare we go for roast duck?


Filet of beef with a filling of basil, parsley, garlic, and prosciutto served with young lettuces and hard-cooked eggs with lemon-olive oil and tarragon


The simplest—rigatoni with passata di pomodoro, butter, and lots of grated parmigiano reggiano


Fennel-ginger rubbed chicken sautéed with cauliflower and scallions


Our idea of a personal pizza: homemade pizza margharita


Too busy to cook, so we ordered Chinese! Back in the kitchen tomorrow.


A scoop of vanilla ice cream bathed with a single shot of espresso


Chicken tamales with lime and fresh oregano from the Ottsville Farmers’ Market


A salad of cannellini beans, canned tuna, and tender lettuces and nasturtiums from the garden, served with warm toast


Wild arugula and bacon on toasted bread slathered with mayonnaise, and cold beer over ice


Cold spring pea soup with soft whipped cream and lots of fresh chives