Shrimp Risotto—sweet and pure—a great lunch to end the week.


It stopped raining this morning but it’s still a muggy 75°, so we made ourselves a picnic lunch— cold roast chicken en gelée, hard-boiled eggs, and tossed bibb lettuce and baby arugula salad—and took it outside to have under the changing trees. Then it started to pour!



Osso Bucco with gremolata sauce—the perfect dish to chase away the rainy day blues


Tagliatelle Bolognese—what more is there to say?


The calendar says fall (although the thermometer reads 80°) so we are making soup these days. We had a rich capon broth in the fridge and a ball of fresh spinach pasta dough hiding behind a milk carton. Well, you know what happened. We rolled out some pasta dough, cut it into long ribbons, and slipped them into the simmering broth along with some frozen baby peas. Now we’ve thrown open the doors, turned on the fans and are quite happy slurping our spinach tagliatelle and peas in capon brodo.



Lunch today—ravioli nudi in a light simple tomato sauce with parmigiano-reggiano and a little glass of 2005 Brunello di Montalcino. Let it rain.


The golden chanterelles, from our nearby woods, are as meaty as the chicken in this beautiful braise that we spoon over fine egg noodles.



We’ve been passing a leftover ham back and forth between each others’ homes for a few days now. We brought it to the studio today and tossed small chunks of it with orecchiette, then sprinkled the pasta with bread crumbs, Sicilian style, instead of cheese, and jeweled it up with pancetta, prunes, and parsley.



This time last year, a Casa Canale lunch in sunny Tuscany. Today in rainy New Jersey, we will lunch at our Canal House desks. Next year—where shall we be?


Chicken soup with lots of green vegetables and ditalini, finished with a drizzle of really good extra-virgin olive oil—soup’s on


This morning dawned cold, 43 degrees, and it stirred our appetites. We filled a plump chicken with a mushroom and sourdough bread stuffing, trussed it, and roasted the bird until it was tender and golden.  We spooned a mustardy vinaigrette into treviso leaves and poured two tiny glasses of 2010 Morgon Jean Foillard—TGIF.


Mushrooms are popping up everywhere, so it’s very soft scrambled eggs and golden chanterelles sautéed in butter with a little chopped fresh parsley for lunch.


One of the best sandwiches in the world is sliced, roasted chicken on white bread with a lettuce leaf, a slather of mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. We tossed wedges of summer’s last tomatoes in oil and vinegar along with some chives that we snipped from the window box. The oily tomato juices ran under the bread, making it even more delicious.


September is pepper season—we like to leave ours “on the vine” to ripen to a deep red. Today we charred four of them right on our stovetop’s flaming burners, then rubbed off their blackened skins, and pulled out the seeds. We spooned in last night’s risotto bianco, then added a sprinkle of parmigiano-reggiano.  A few minutes under the broiler, and it’s lunchtime at Canal House.



Ham n’ eggs for lunch—the canal is brimming and the Delaware is out of its banks so we are eating on the fly. Our local Italian grocery store just received a shipment of gorgeous cotto so we served it as is, why mess with perfection. Then we made a salad with a dressing of hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, chives, s & p, a splash of rice wine vinegar, and really good olive oil. We will eat standing at the studio’s open doors watching the roiling river (a safe block away) and the power of mother nature.

With all this unrelenting rain, the creeks are out of their banks and the river is rising, but the flip side is that the mushrooms are up! We tossed golden chanterelles with parsley and shallots for lunch. Check out this month’s Bon Appétit for more Canal House mushroom talk.



White corn soup with lobster and scallions—the antidote to our end-of-summer blues



Roasted red pepper with an anchovy filet, vinegar-macerated raisins, little basil leaves, and really good olive oil; and a ripe avocado filled with a succotash of white corn, green beans, and fingerling potatoes with lemon thyme


Easy end-of-summer buffet: fingerling potatoes with olive oil, s & p, and lemon thyme; hard-cooked eggs buttered with “doctored-up” mayo and a pile of chives; tomatoes, avocados, string beans, and butter lettuce with vinaigrette; and prosciutto with black mission figs and very ripe pears