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Around noon today, a big beautiful box arrived from Russ and Daughters, purveyors of the finest smoked and preserved fish. A generous gift from our friend James Alefantis (of Washington DC’s Bucks Fishing and Camping). We tore it open and found Gaspe nova smoked salmon, salmon roe, herring in mustard and dill sauce, bagels and bialys, and, and, and… Out went our plan of duck soup for lunch. We suggest you throw out your Super Bowl chicken wings and brats, and order in some of the above. What a way to end the week. Have a great weekend, dear friends. Hope your team wins.

It was a chilly 3°F this morning when we drove to work. The Delaware River looks like it has frozen solid. As soon as we got to the studio we fired-up the wood stove big time and now the place is so hot that we have thrown off our down vests and sweaters. It feels like a midsummer’s day in here. So we are going with it—faking ourselves out—and having a picnic lunch of poached salmon salad.

It is very lavish leftovers indeed for lunch today—our melba toasts topped with: Meyer lemon mayonnaise, hard-cooked quail’s egg, trout roe, and chives; and our fois gras au torchon with windfall apple jelly. We saved a bit of this and a spoonful of that from a supper that we cooked this weekend in Washington to benefit DC Central Kitchen and Martha’s Table. It feels very upstairs/downstairs to be here in the studio wearing  jeans, sweaters, socks and boots while dining  on such fancy vittles—but they sure do taste good.

We are making a big pot of bolognese sauce on this snowy winter day. It’s not quite ready for lunch, still simmering on a back burner of the stove, so we’ll have it for an early supper over fettucine. We made so much there will be more than enough to share with friends. Clamp on your snowshoes and come by for a plate!

Watercress, chicken, and polpettine in Meyer lemon-infused chicken broth for lunch on this MLK holiday Monday. It’s a very quiet day here and we are listening  to the bawdy Rogue’s Gallery—Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys to liven up the studio. Soon one or the other of us will be up doing a little jig!

Freezer Friday: It’s the end of the week and time to dig something out of deep freeze for lunch. We found two handsome smoked pork chops. So we defrosted them this morning, then browned them in a cast-iron skillet, and are serving them with buttery spinach. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

We found nice “little” littlenecks (you can’t always find them so small) at our market’s fish counter this morning, so we bought a bag. Hmmm…a quick stew of clams with spicy sausage would make a good lunch, right? And we did just that. It’s a nourishing brothy stew of clams, spicy lamb sausage, chickpeas, and spinach for us today.


A favorite lunch (and/or dinner) is this quickie: pan-fried loin lamb chops and sautéed bitter “greens” of kale and radicchio with a splash of red wine vinegar and some good extra-virgin olive oil. It’s nice the way the bitterness of the greens goes up against the richness of these delicious little chops.

Lunch today is pork and lentil chili with all the fixings—sour cream, avocados, and scallions.

We needed an art fix to break the cabin fever that was beginning to set in, so yesterday we decided to catch a few museum shows in NYC. On our way out of town at the end of the day, we stopped in Chinatown and picked up two Peking ducks— one for last night’s dinner, the other for today’s lunch. It’s big bowls of duck soup with braised kale and rice stick noodles to fill our bellies. We’re feeling downright ducky now.

It all started this Monday night when the temperature here in Lambertville dropped to a whopping wind-chill-factor of -20°. On Tuesday morning when we arrived at the studio, we went next door to our neighbor and insisted he bring his two hens indoors from their rooftop roost,  just until the cold snap passed. But where would he coop them? Well, the shower stall in his bathroom seemed just the right place. By Wednesday morning, our neighbor, standing ankle-deep in straw, was showering with two chix. They laid two eggs in gratitude. This morning we had those eggs for breakfast: scrambled along with with a some slices of smoked salmon and an arugula salad with pickled red onions. Now we are shopping on Etsy for shower caps for the “girls”.

Lunch today—a sliced fennel-crusted Berkshire pork chop with red onion and garlic agrodolce and sautéed cauliflower.

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