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A friend of San Francisco friends, Michelle Fuerst, a chef with impeccable credentials, just recently moved to Princeton. She stopped by to introduce herself and to have a little chat, and as it often happens, the chat turned into a long talk. We just jumped in, and talked and talked all about Food, which is to say, all about life. What we liked and didn’t like, what we believed and didn’t believe, and the real pleasure of being in a kitchen, cooking. How for us, it is an atmosphere more conducive to meditation than a quiet room and the lotus position.  And, of course, she didn’t come empty-handed—no food person ever would. Wrapped with pale grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow, she handed us an Ecuadorean artisanal chocolate bar and bottarga from Cortez, Florida—her newest discoveries. But we all laughed at such incongruous ingredients. So today we’ll unwrap the chocolate, break it in half, brew a pot of coffee, and call it lunch.

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