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Today Sue Conley and Peggy Smith of California’s Cowgirl Creamery (Point Reyes and San Francisco), came by for lunch. We had just tipped back the last drops of Pehu Simonet, our favorite growers champagne and were about to sit down to baked ham, Bobolink Levain, good salty Irish butter, and a lemony escarole salad, all to be washed down with a cold apple lambic, when they reached into their bags and pulled out the cheese. Clockwise from the left, from Tumalo Farm, Pond Hopper—a  gouda-style goat cheese, whose curds are washed in beer; Bellwether Farm’s Pepato, a pecorino-style sheep’s milk cheese; and a beautiful piece of cave-aged Gruyère. We sat at the table talking over the state of things ’til past four o’clock. Have a good weekend, dear reader/eaters.

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