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We went to the awards ceremony for The Piglet, Tournament of Cookbooks, in NYC last night and had a wonderful time. Everyone was swept up in the good natured competition and were in excellent spirits. It was the best sort of night,  starting out one way, then the next thing you know you are on a ride that you didn’t see coming. We ran into Bon Appétits, Christine Muhlke and Hunter Lewis, who had the bright idea of heading to ABC Kitchen for some late night “toasts”—both liquid and crunchy!—delicious and delicious. We almost closed the place. We had the long “Spanish goodbye” outside the restaurant not wanting to leave each other’s good company. David Tanis sang a song and danced right there on 18th Street, while The Senator, Christine and her husband Oliver’s little dog, was performing right-handed fist/paw-bumps and doing a little dancing of her own, prancing on her back legs. Well, you see all sorts of things up there in New York City—we can’t wait to go back.

In honor of the little piglet we baked a sweet little ham for lunch today.

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