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Hanging out in Scottsdale, Arizona with Williams-Sonoma. 104° in the shade so it’s club sandwiches and iced tea for lunch.


Too hot to cook so we have having delicious little cheeseburgers at Dilly’s on the river.



It’s  Fish Taco Friday so we piled last night’s  grilled red snapper, lightly battered fried onion rings and buxom zucchini blossoms on fire-toasted corn tortillas with a drizzle of Canal House crema—olé! Have a great weekend, dear friends.


Last night’s thunderstorm cooled things off to a comfortable 86°. So we ventured outside, fired up the barbie on the breezeway, and grilled  chicken and beef involtini filled three ways: green olives; parsley, anchovy, and parmigiano; and onions, red pepper flakes, currants, and pecorino. Now that we have our grill on, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain all weekend.


We let BBQ master Hugh Mangum of Mighty Quinn do the cooking today—his smoky succulent beef brisket. Our not-so-delicate appetites were quelled by this ungodly heat, but when we piled the meat on soft sweet potato rolls and laid on some bread and butter pickles we found we were ravenous.

It is most definitely beach weather, but we’re still here at the studio—maybe later we’ll take a dip in the canal. In honor of this perfectly hot summer day we’re having lobster rolls. Keep your cool, kids.

For Marion Cunningham—a rare and beautiful woman—who loved a good head of iceberg.

We turn last night’s linguine with swiss chard, currants, and anchovies into a big pasta fritatta. Our generous neighbor dropped off the very last gasp of his spring lettuce from his garden. We honored the leaves  by dressing them simply with really good extra virgin olive oil and a drop of our own red wine vinegar.

When we found out our friend Colman Andrews, Editorial Director,, was in London today lunching at Quo Vadis on Chef Jeremy Lee’s extraordinary food, we advised him to “eat his brains out because, you know, tempus fugit”. He sent us what he ate for lunch. We thought you might like to join in our envious drool!
“…smoked eel  on toast with fresh grated horseradish, skewers of rabbit liver and kidney wrapped in bacon, Scottish langoustines w mayonnaise, sea trout with peas and samphire, lamb sweetbreads w crushed almonds, peas and mint, some cheeses, some Les Cretes Petite Arvine from the Valle d’Aosta… ain’t no tempus fugitting past me”.

Today’s lunch “toasts” the garden— grilled bread piled with fried zucchini blossoms filled with mozzarella, sautéed zucchini slices, and kale with crushed red pepper and garlic. It is a humble homage to NYC’s ABC Kitchen where we ate lunch yesterday.


In honor of our California friends who are visiting for the weekend, we’re having a late lunch of big fat artichokes with a preserved lemon mayonnaise and glasses of cold, crisp txakoli. Tonight we’re having a crowd over (what to do about chairs?) for roast chicken with chanterelles, Jersey corn on the cob, and lots of summer sides; then we’ll walk down to the river and over the little walking bridge to Lewis’s Island to watch Friday night fireworks. We’re living the life. Have a lovely summer weekend, dear friends.


We are riding with the gals from Cowgirl Creamery today, shooting their upcoming book The Cowgirls’ Book of Cheese (Chronicle, fall of 2013). So here is a sneak peek at one of their recipes—and our lunch today—Tomato-Watermelon Panzanella with Feta. It is keeping us cool on this ungodly hot day.

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