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We had Sunday supper with the Abruzzese family who own a great restaurant, The Pineville Tavern, in nearby Pineville PA. Andrew continues the tradition of his grandmother and makes fresh pasta and “gravy” for the extended family who gather almost every weekend. A three foot long platter of the generously sauced trenette with parsley and lots of grated Parmigiano was ceremoniously placed right in the middle of the table along with big bowls of polpette and the fork-tender meat cooked in the sauce.  Everyone helped serve, passing the plates, twirling up the long strands of pasta on forks then sliding them onto waiting plates, all the time laughing and talking, voices and arms crossing over each other. We left with a brown grocery bag that held a plastic container of sauce and a box of rigatoni. So here is our great secondary gain—leftover sauce and pasta for lunch. What a great way to start the week. Keep looking forward and proceed as the way opens.

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