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Day Five of Healthy Eating Canal House style: It’s fall spinach picked straight from the garden, then steamed, drained, buttered, and seasoned with s & p for lunch today. Champagne and french fries for dinner! Have a lovely autumn weekend, dear friends.

Day Four of Healthy Eating Canal House style: A lunch of fresh spinach with a sesame umeboshi dressing,  hard-cooked eggs with chives, and cold brown rice herb salad—all washed down with a bottle of Merry Edwards 2008 Pinot Noir. Life is good.

Day Three of Healthy Eating Canal House–Style: Our lunch is bok choy, kabocha squash, scallions, and Japanese eggplant all seasoned with shoyu, ground sesame seeds, and salt from the Sea of Japan. And don’t forget the brown rice served with umeboshi, pickled plums. We look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter.

Day Two of Healthy Eating Canal House–Style: Today we found beautiful baby bok choy at the farm market  to go with our leftover brown rice. So, our lunch on this overcast fall day is steamed bok choy served with stir-fried brown rice, celery, garlic, scallions, scrambled eggs (from the chicks next door), and chopped cilantro tossed with our own Ambrosia  (teriyaki sauce). We’re feeling better already.



We’ve gone all earthy-crunchy on you with a lunch of collard greens stewed with a tiny bit of chopped smoked bacon, a yellow onion, a Honeycrisp apple, and garbonzo beans served with a spoonful of brown rice. We’ve been on the road and now that we’re back we need some good restorative food. Prepare yourselves for a week of  “healthy” eating Canal House–style.

This is one wascally wabbit that didn’t get away! Instead it went all French on us and turned into our version of  Lapin à la Moutarde. We floured the pieces, fried them with chopped bacon, then braised them in a couple of cups of rich stock and half a bottle of leftover Sancerre (is wine ever leftover?). We enriched the sauce with spoonfuls of our own homemade sweet mustard and served it over papardelle with chopped chives. The question begs to be asked—What’s up, Doc?

We spent this foggy morning working in the garden, pulling out all the dead tomato vines, and harvesting some of our onions. We built up one of those “I’m-so-hungry-I-could-eat-a-cow” appetites. So for our lunch, we grilled a cowboy steak, slathered it with a chive compound butter, and served it with our own onions rings.


We’ve jumped the gun! We roasted a turkey breast and made stock from the neck and giblets so we could have a proper gravy—why bother without it. Then we mashed up a delicious colcannon with rooster potatoes, fresh spinach, and scallions. We have a feeling that when the L-Trytophan kicks in, we’ll spend the afternoon dozing at our desks.

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