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Friday afternoon: We are starting out the weekend clean with a vegetarian lunch. The tiny Brussels sprouts were irresistible. We’ve been roasting squash all day, while pots of onions simmered on top of the stove. We are making soup for our stint at the New Amsterdam Market in NYC on Sunday. We’ll be selling Canal House Cooks Every Day and serving roasted squash soup with preserved lemon and pimentón with Orwasher’s pumpernickel slathered with Irish butter. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by—we’d love to see you.


We have packed up the bikinis and put them in deep storage,  so we are ready to slurp up some spaghetti “with gravy”. This week’s snow flurries stirred us to make a big pot of Bolognese—that king of sauces. We’ll eat pasta hot for lunch and dinner, and cold for breakfast right through the weekend and still have sauce to freeze. Like  squirrels, we’re stashing away for the winter.

We are both back from Vermont and Hawaii respectively. With the sounds of Gabby Pahinui’s beautiful falsetto and slack string guitar filling the studio and as the sun pours through our tall windows, we are lunching on creamed chicken and peas on warm buttery biscuits. Aloha nui loa.

We’ve been eating Thanksgiving turkey leftovers all weekend long, and though we’re not through with them just yet, we need a little break. So on this fine, cool November day, it’s a rich brothy cavalo nero (black kale) and smoked ham soup for lunch today. CH is flying back from Hawaii (sadly she’ll be eating plane food), and sadly, MH must eat lunch without her.

Well finally, we have been waiting all year for this moment—the day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich! MH will take a walk through the Vermont woods and CH will head to Haleiwa beach on the Oahu’s North Shore.

Today we are having the  quintessential fall lunch—Sun Crisp apples stewed with brown sugar and cinnamon on baked smoked ham with local yellow sweets bathed in butter and chives. Only enough ham left for  tomorrow’s breakfast of lovely ham n’ eggs with hot black coffee. We’ll throw the ham bone in a pot of beans, then that will be that. Bring on the turkey!

For our Canal House open house yesterday,  a big pot of pumpkin soup with smoky pimentón bubbled away on top of the stove, while a 20-pound smoked ham encrusted with golden bread crumbs baked slowly in the oven. We had so many wonderful visitors, but you know how it is with a ham, it just goes on forever.  So today we’re sharing lunch with all who couldn’t make it—pumpkin soup with scallions and sliced ham on buttered Ryvita. We’ve got to eat up this ham or we’ll be having it for Thanksgiving dinner!


A simple and classic lunch today—sole meunière and creamed spinach. We are in training for the excesses of the upcoming holiday and feel positively virtuous. Meunière, creamed not poached, steamed? You call that virtuous—you may ask? Well dear friends, we forwent the wine and sipped thin glasses of ice water.

Lucky for us, CH is back and back with a big appetite. At the farm market today, we found the tiniest Brussels sprouts we’ve ever laid eyes on. What a turn on! So, for lunch today we’ve braised the sprouts with salted Irish butter and are serving them with two seared petite filets and a baked yellow sweet. Here’s to health and good nourishing food!


Finally back on the grid in the studio with light and heat and all kinds of luxuries. But one of us is a bit under the weather with a tricky tummy so it’s lemon verbena tea for her; and the other one will be tucking into a lamb shank braised with tomatoes, preserved lemon, and cinnamon on a tangle of  lovely noodles. Poor CH; lucky MH.

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