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This past weekend we roasted a pork belly in a low slow oven until it rendered most its fat—the meat was tender, and the skin crackly crisp. It’s a rich rich cut, so we’ve been slowly making our way through it, slicing off long strips, eating just a few at a time. Today we pan-fried some thick slices as if they were strips of bacon, browning them until they were crisp on the outside. To cut through the richness we piled on a mini Asian cucumber salad dressed with mirin, rice wine vinegar, sugar, Maldon salt, szechuan peppercorns, and red chile flakes, then garnished it with sliced scallions and parsley leaves (since there wasn’t any fresh cilantro at the market). It’s a late lunch today, but it sure hits the spot. It will be a cup of chamomile tea and two crackers for dinner tonight.

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