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Our little farm market just started selling fish, and today’s special was a sparkling-fresh side of salmon. It was irresistible, so that made the decision for today’s lunch. We poached it in a court bouillon and served it with a warm, earthy lentil salad—a surf n’ turf kind of thing. On Sunday we are headed down to Washington D.C.  for the inauguration. We’ll visit The Portrait Gallery and see America’s Presidents, then walk over to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial—we may stop by and pay our respects to President Lincoln on the way. Then it’s dinner at José Andrés’ Zaytinya. Monday morning we’ll head over to The Mall and stand with The People to witness the oath of office and listen to President Obama’s inaugural speech. We would most likely have a better view watching it on the tellie in the comfort of our living rooms, but there are some things for which you just have to show up. Aren’t we lucky that we can. Have a lovely weekend for yourselves, dear friends.

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