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Greetings, dear friends. It has been way too long. Like Mr. Toad on his wild ride, we have been off driving the beautiful the roads up and down the mighty Mississippi in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. Now we are back (and so happy to be here!) and easing in to our daily schedule. Today’s lunch—garlic-rubbed toast and luscious burrata, both drizzled with really good Italian extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with Maldon salt and coarsely ground black pepper—is a simple and perfect welcome home for us.

Our lunch today is a very last test of poached vegetables with savory zabaione for Canal House Cooking Volume 8 Pronto!. The zabaione is so luscious and luxurious it would make an old shoe taste good. But lucky for us we are having asparagus and potatoes and wearing, not eating, our footwear.

It’s a spring lunch for the start of this new week—baked locally smoked ham, New Jersey asparagus, peas, and morels, with poached farm-fresh eggs.

We’re racing outside to enjoy this pretty pretty Friday. But before we do we’re having a quick salad of tender Bibb lettuce, sliced sugar snap peas, and torn prosciutto all dressed with a lemony vinaigrette. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

It’s the third day in a row of classic spring showers. They’ve turned everything green and lush. The apple and cherry blossoms have fallen off the trees like confetti. The doors to the studio are open, inviting all the beauty in. Our lunch today is green, too. Lots of greens. Lots of green flavors. Baby turnips and their greens, artichokes, local asparagus, fresh chives and their blossoms from the balcony herb boxes—all poached in a delicate chicken broth and drizzled with a fruity olive oil. Let it rain.

We’ve been on the road for a couple of weeks, which meant no Canal House lunches, poor dears. But we are back in the studio and so very happy to be. Our first mild-rainy-day lunch is Souris d’Angeau—a delicious morsel of meat from the bottom of a lamb’s leg, that when cooked, the French think looks like a mouse. What can we say…don’t think about it too much! But this Jamison lamb from Latrobe, Pennsylvania is the most delicious thing we’ve eaten in weeks. So good to be home.

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