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We’ve just returned from Seattle, or as we like to call it, the northern Enchanted Valley. The markets and restaurants were full of spring flowers, berries, ripe tomatoes, English peas, tiny Pacific Northwest oysters, good chewy loaves of bread with burnt crusts, bottles of rosé and pinot noirs. We thought it would be hard to return to the rainy East Coast. But at our little farm market at the end of town, we found baby carrots, fresh peas, Jersey asparagus, and small bulbs of fennel. We defrosted a bag of sweet Maine shrimp from the freezer, and gave them a quick blanch like we did with the vegetables. We pulled it all together with a lemony butter sauce. The sun poked its head out of the clouds this afternoon. Things are not so bad in our enchanted river valley! Have a delicious weekend, dear friends.


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