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The market was full of robust root vegetables made sweeter by the recent frosts. They seemed  just the right thing for today’s lunch on this mild, mysterious foggy day. So it’s poached turnips, carrots, and parsnips, along with fennel bulb, a few slices of corned beef, and lots of Irish butter. Be good to yourself.


We felt a little shamefaced today when we looked in our fridge only to discover the shelves were just about bare! That should never happen at Canal House. What will we eat for lunch? So we turned to our pantry. It’s cans of good tuna packed in olive oil and a box of spaghetti to our rescue, and we still have parsley growing in our window box. So it’s Pasta with Tuna & Parsley for lunch today—it is in our newest book, Pronto!. We’ll hit the market tomorrow.



Ate and ate ’til we couldn’t ate no more! We both cooked extra turkeys so now we will feast on leftovers (the very best part) for a week starting with turkey soup, fortified with celery, onions, and sweet carrots, along with a simple salad. We are sitting by a fire warming our bones on this dreary day. The soup tastes delicious, make some for yourselves.

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