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Saturday night was the fifth and last of our spring dinners. Twenty guests sat at one long table that pretty much filled the studio. It was a great group of eaters, definitely members of the Clean Plate Club, which made us feel terrific. But the evening raced by and we never had a chance to eat. So, on this cool day, when we’re craving meat and potatoes, we are treating ourselves like guests and enjoying leftovers of braised short ribs, mashed potatoes with lots of butter, bulb onions and long carrots.


We’re still working on the Easter ham. Lunch is a rich chicken broth with acini di pepe, asparagus, little peas, lots of chopped parsley, and, oh yeah, ham. We’re still loving it.

It’s bring-your-Easter-ham-to-work today. And boy, did we have a good one to bring in. So it’s slices of ham with poached asparagus drizzled with “buttery” extra-virgin olive oil, snipped chives from the studio flower box, and lemon to add brightness for lunch. Good thing it’s not bring-your-pet-rabbit to work today!


A spring lunch of risi e bisi, the soupy rice and pea dish from Venice. We make it with carnaroli rice so it stays loose and “wavy” the way the Venetians prefer it, peas, naturally, and tiny cubes of pancetta. Seems like just the thing to be eating on this pretty day.


We are leaving the studio a little early today to start our shopping for our Easter lunches. But before we head out we made this spring lunch to build our strength—new potatoes “buttered” with mayo and chives, fat asparagus with lemon, mortadella slices, and hard-cooked eggs. Happy Easter, dear friends. Hope you have a delicious holiday. Hippity hop.

A little lunch of fried chicken and pasta primavera—a strange combo but very delicious. The creamy pasta is spring’s stand-in for summer’s potato salad. The cherry blossoms and star magnolias are blooming here despite the cold snap, a couple of warm days and everything will bust wide open. We can’t wait.


It’s a salad sampler for today’s  lunch—little arugula & radicchio in a lemon vinaigrette, céleri rémoulade, and Pacific white shrimp with chives. Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-polka-dot-bikini time’s looming!

For today’s lunch we warmed up last Saturday night’s dinner—roasted duck & apples and puréed parsnips—and served it with a few leaves of dressed Bibb lettuce. We love leftovers.

Today, we buried an eggplant in the red-hot coals of our Franklin wood stove. There it cooked until the skin was blackened and papery thin, and the flesh was soft. We peeled it and anointed the smoky eggplant with good olive oil, then added a splash of our own red wine vinegar, some chopped parsley, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. It was the perfect mezze for a late lunch on this rainy Monday.

One of us is at home on their sofa, with a super-sized box of Kleenex, watching the British House of cards—achooo. The other is here at the studio. So it’s a simple, solo lunch of toast with Scottish smoked salmon. Listening to Ali Farka Touré to keep it all going. Enjoy your weekend, dear friends. Think of us and cook something delicious for yourself.

We are deep in a writing  project, so we are having a working lunch at the table—Fromager d’Affinois and Medjool dates. The combination is positively addictive, creamy, oozy cheese and sweet, chewy fruit on warm, crunchy buttered toast. We have to stop ourselves from eating the whole thing. We’ll take a walk along the towpath, hopefully, the rain and cool air will snap us out of it.


Today’s lunch is an artichoke with mayonnaise souped-up with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and garlic.

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