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We may be the last living people that make quiche outside of France. It seems to have gone out of fashion, but we still love it. We made one today in fact—fat scallions from the farmers’ market in a creamy custard with a flaky, buttery crust. Maybe we’ll call it tarte à l’oignon, it has a tonier ring. In the words of  Gomez Addams, “I love it when you speak French to me”.

It feels hot and muggy, like late-June should. So gazpacho floated up to the top of the menu. It showed up right on cue, all dressed up with tiny, crisp croutons, a confetti of tomato and cucumber, and though it isn’t authentic, a sprinkle of chives from our window box. They go on everything we cook this time of year. One spoonful and summer memories come flooding back.

Now you’ll think we have lost our minds—broccoli with butter and lemon for lunch? Well, we have fallen in love with this beautiful brassica. It tastes rich and green and full of prana.

Just back from Kentucky, nothing in the fridge, so we headed off to our favorite farm stand to replenish supplies. Not much going on yet—no tomatoes, squash, or cucs—but we found beautiful broccoli florets. We blanched them, gave them a bath in olive oil and butter with anchovies and garlic, and tossed them into a bowl of orecchiette. All it took was a shower of parmigiano and it was ready to eat. Who said they didn’t like broccoli? Bon appetito!

It’s a simple shrimp salad for lunch today. The shrimp were too jumbo (is that possible?) so we sliced them lengthwise, then tossed them with diced celery, chives, fresh lemon juice, lots of mayonnaise and a little sour cream. We’re rationalizing that the mayo must be good for our complexions.


Really delicious local strawberries are in. They’re the Earliglow Junebearing variety—first of the summer berries, tiny, and candy-sweet. We bought two quarts for lunch today, why not? One for CH, one for MH. We hulled the berries and since they were a little bit sandy, we rinsed them with a bottle of red wine, why not? Though they didn’t really need it, we sprinkled them with a little sugar to make the juices just that much sweeter. Why not? It’s Friday. We can do as we like. Have a lovely weekend dear friends. Why not?

For the last ten days, Canal House has had a delightful young visitor, Hawaii’s own, TJ Colby.  He’s seen things, done things, and eaten things he’s never seen, done, or eaten before. He says he’s not homesick one bit. But just in case, we put some familiar flavors together for lunch today to make him feel at home here: Steamed brown rice, spinach, baby turnips, umeboshi plums, and scallions doused in our own teriyake sauce. Tomorrow he’ll be home sweet home.
Aloha ‘oe!


As promised, we’re having arancini for lunch today—made with yesterday’s leftover risotto-style shrimp rice. We opened a tin of anchovies for their saltiness, and celery hearts for crunch. A light lunch on this hot, muggy day.


Today’s lunch is shrimp rice, prepared risotto-style. The secret to this simple dish is to make a rich broth: onions, carrots, fresh fennel, parsley, shrimp shells, white wine, and water simmered over low heat then strained. We used bomba rice (because we had it), but any medium grain rice like arborio, carnaroli, or vialone nano will do. A good way to start the week. Let’s keep it going—tomorrow, arancini.

We almost forgot to have lunch! We can’t have that! So it’s seared skirt steak and chopped fennel and celery salad with preserved lemon dressing. Glad the memory kicked in.

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