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So we’ve decided to cook through Pronto! Volume N° 8. We’ve been hungry for these summertime Italian recipes and now that the gardens and farm markets are in full swing, let’s go.  It seems like a good way to begin is at the beginning, so today’s lunch is two salads. First, Marinated Zucchini, made with little zucs that are full of fresh green taste and aren’t watery the way large zucchini can be. We garnish them with torn basil leaves to add even more verdant flavor. And a Green Olive, Fennel & Parsley Salad made with meaty, buttery-tasting Castelventrano olives that are a perfect foil for the anise-flavor of crisp fennel. We’ll eat these on their own today, with slices of country bread to mop up our plates. But these two lovelies are wonderful with grilled anything—fish, fowl, or meat. We often use them as “sauces” and smother a big steak with either. So you eat your way through the green into the smoky meat. Have at it.

We’ll post the recipes at at the end of every week. Cook along with us. We love to have you in our kitchen.

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