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Today we are enjoying the fruits of our weekend labor—Cold Corn Soup with a swirl of sour cream and squash and chive blossoms just because. Here’s how we made it: We cut the kernels off twelve ears of bicolor corn, chopped up two bulb onions, peeled and diced two russet potatoes, then simmered the lot, along with the cobs, in a half gallon of whole milk until the potatoes were soft. We seasoned it with some crushed red pepper flakes and good ol’ s & p. After puréeing it all (minus the cobs, of course) in a food processor, we double strained it. Smooth and silky, sweet and savory, we must say, it may be the best summer recipe so far—maybe. As delicious as it is pretty, it’s an elegant way to start the work week. By the way, is anyone working, or is everyone at the beach?

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