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On this calm fall day (no snow or hurricanes this year!) we’re having baked white sweet potatoes, salted Irish butter, cracked pepper, and lots of chives with a side of bacon. Lunch of champions.

We are flush with eggs and pie crusts (leftover from a weekend of pumpkin pie testing, it’s that time of year). So the obvious thing to make for lunch today is—you might have guessed—quiche. We’ve been saving a little Kenny’s Farmhouse Kentucky Bleu cheese for just such a dish, so we crumbled that to melt into the luscious custard of our quiche du jour. Bon appétit!

We cooked our third and final (maybe) Pop Up Pancake Breakfast yesterday. We loved everything about it. Waking up early and driving down the river in the dawning autumn daylight. Setting the long table. Lighting a fire in the wood stove and opening the doors to the brisk breezy air. The aromas were downright intoxicating—freshly brewed coffee, bacon, and of course, pancakes. People said they just followed their noses up our stairs. Then there were the guests, who brought us gifts! Gabby, of Bent Spoon ice cream, brought Henry the studio dog, doggie ice cream. Jeff produced three bone-cold bottles of Veuve Cliquot he brought to toast the event and share with the last lingering guests. Peter and Ashley brought bread and sweets from Sullivan Street Bakery. So to hell with lo-carb for this day. It’s toast with Irish butter and blackberry jam for lunch.

We’re racing out this afternoon to take in this glorious day—it’s prime-time autumn. So it’s just a quick lunch of braised leeks vinaigrette, hard-boiled eggs with salsa verde, and crumbled bacon. That should hold us until supper. Cook something delicious for yourself this weekend, dear friends.


It’s lunch for one at the studio today—as Nilsson would say “One is the loneliest number…”. So while one of us is holds down the fort, the other toils at home.  We send each other pictures of what we are eating, boeuf aux carrottes over gemelli wins the day.

Lunch today is forcemeat-filled ravioli tossed in sage butter with shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Enough said.

We “…read the news today, oh boy”, the sunny South of France has flooded. We send our condolences. Here in the northeast it is still uncharacteristically warm, with tomatoes on the vine in the garden. We made a big salad Niçoise and will think of our French friends as we eat in their honor.  Bon courage, mes amis.

We were all set to have a few salad leaves for lunch today, until we remembered that we had four beautiful Jamison Farm lamb shanks defrosting in the fridge (No kidding. We pulled them out of the freezer on Sunday and forgot about them until we went rummaging around in the refrigerator this morning.). We oven-braised them—with onions, lamb stock, red wine, bay leaves, and salt and pepper—in one of our heavy pots, until they were soft and very tender. Looks like tonight’s dinner will be those few salad leaves.


Canal House Cooks Lunch and Serious Eats. Ed Levine has been promising to come for a visit. Being a man of his word, he did and brought his whole wonderful team. There wasn’t a food allergy among them—imagine that! So what did we feed them? Oh, let’s just say we went all Italian on them—antipasti, some pasta, a salad of bitter greens, a little red wine, and sparkling water. And for dessert, a good ol’ American apple tart.

We had hot dogs and sauerkraut for breakfast this morning. That didn’t sit well with either of us. But by this afternoon we were hungry for lunch. So we’re having bowls of tomato-enriched chicken broth and little cheese raviolini. Our tummies feel better now.


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