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We cooked our third and final (maybe) Pop Up Pancake Breakfast yesterday. We loved everything about it. Waking up early and driving down the river in the dawning autumn daylight. Setting the long table. Lighting a fire in the wood stove and opening the doors to the brisk breezy air. The aromas were downright intoxicating—freshly brewed coffee, bacon, and of course, pancakes. People said they just followed their noses up our stairs. Then there were the guests, who brought us gifts! Gabby, of Bent Spoon ice cream, brought Henry the studio dog, doggie ice cream. Jeff produced three bone-cold bottles of Veuve Cliquot he brought to toast the event and share with the last lingering guests. Peter and Ashley brought bread and sweets from Sullivan Street Bakery. So to hell with lo-carb for this day. It’s toast with Irish butter and blackberry jam for lunch.

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