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We slipped out for lunch yesterday, had ourselves patty melts at the local luncheonette, and talked about our Thanksgiving plans this year. The wet moody weather and the turning leaves turned us on. We discussed the merits of roasted vs rotisserie turkey, Brussels sprouts or string beans, sweet potatoes or/and mashed potatoes… Guess today’s lunch was subconsciously inspired by yesterday’s conversation. We roasted chicken wings, Brussels sprouts, and fingerling potatoes, and talked about Henry the studio dog (who, sadly, didn’t come to the studio today)—and how much we missed him. He’s definitely invited to Thanksgiving. We work everyday together and collaborate on all, but even so, we both love eating lunch together and talking—about our families, our plans, crazy things that happened. Invite a friend to lunch, dear friends, and linger a little longer at the table, the work will still be there when you get back—unfortunately.

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