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We’ve just returned to the studio after about a month and a half of travel, with a few brief home-base pit stops in-between: Kentucky, England, Seattle, San Francisco, Italy, Philadelphia, New York, Chestnut Hill, San Francisco (again), and New Orleans. Mostly it was work, a little play, but always fun and delicious. We were craving something warm, nourishing, and flavorful for lunch today. Something that would make us glad to be back, something good to ease us into our beloved work rhythm here at Canal House. We found poblano peppers at the market today, and country-style pork ribs. So we made a stew of them, with chick peas, whole cloves of garlic, and an unctuous yellow mole (from our friend Nacxi Gaxiola of that we had in the freezer. These big bowls of the hot stew with wedges of lime and some cilantro has us gladder than glad to be back. The persimmons flew back with us from California where they were picked from our dear Napa friends’ back yard tree.

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