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The market had thick-cut Berkshire pork chops with a snow white layer of fat surrounding the rosy meat. We couldn’t resist, so we bought one—more than enough for the three of us (counting Henry, the studio dog). There already were some Brussels sprouts in our fridge’s vegetable crisper, big ones, so we plucked off the outer leaves and halved the tight interiors. It was a one skillet lunch—the chop browned, as the confetti of Brussels sprouts, sliced garlic, a handful of currants, and some crushed red pepper flakes sautéed in its rendered fat. It was a perfect combination of flavors and sensations: pork, fat, sweet, heat, and salt. Check back with us next week when we’ll be sharing all our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. And remember to cook something delicious for yourselves this weekend, dear friends.

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