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We hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving. We feasted on turkey sandwiches all weekend long. Heaven. The turkey carcasses gave up everything they had left to make good rich stock and now quarts of it are stacked in the freezer. The mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce? All gone. We stashed away the end of a slab of gravlax for today’s lunch. (We’ll make more in December—it’s just the thing to have on hand for easy entertaining as the holiday season ramps up.) So we’re feasting on the last of it, thinly sliced and draped on Ryvita crackers slathered with a mustard butter and garnished with chopped fresh chives and dill. Hot boiled new potatoes and a salad of tender Bibb lettuce round out our light meal. Enough already with the turkey—for now.

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