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We bought a big chuck roast, divided one half of it between the two of us to make simple steak-and-potatoes dinners for our families, the other half we used to make beef stew for today’s lunch. Browned cubes of chuck, sautéed onions and garlic, red wine, and beef broth slowly simmered in a covered Le Creuset pot in a 325° oven until the meat was tender. We enriched the sauce with flour and butter to give it body and shine, and yes, more flavor. Lacking carrots, peas, or egg noodles, we boiled a couple of potatoes to serve with the stew. So it was back-to-back beef-and-potatoes, but the meals couldn’t have tasted more different. And we love the economy of one steak feeds four one night and two for lunch the next day.

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