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We have been working, working, working so decided that we deserved a very luxe lunch—a blue (blood) plate special. We made a bright lemon risotto and served it with steamed and buttered lobster. Since we can’t get to the Amalfi Coast or to Maine right now, we can close our eyes as we eat and pretend we hear the water lapping at the shore (whichever shore that might be). Midsummer madness!

We hosted a pop-up Avocado-Toast-Happy-Hour last night in a beautiful meadow behind the Carversville General Store. The whole evening was reminiscent of Brigadoon—an idyllic setting, a gorgeous summer evening, even an impromptu jam session with a banjo, a mandolin, and a clarinet—it was a magical moment. We grilled Crossroads Bake Shop Heirloom Wheat Bread then topped the toast with smashed avocados anointed with olive oil. We kept with the theme for lunch today at the studio (not quite the dreamy meadow). We used leftover bread to make anchovy toast that we served with seared shishito peppers. Thank God we aren’t allergic to gluten ’cause these toasts are all we want to munch on. Cook something delicious for yourselves this weekend, dear friends.

Tune in today to The Canal House Kitchen Hour on WDVR, 4–5 PM, We’ll be talking about tomatoes, with lots of great recipes; there will be great music including a big bonus—a live performance by Clover Stevie. To paraphrase Charles Osgood, “We’ll see you on the radio!”

Today’s lunch is a garden salad—this and that picked right out of our garden. We smeared a big spoonful of fresh ricotta on each of two plates, then grated lemon zest on top, added a good drizzle of olive oil, and some salt and pepper. Then we piled on: blanched sliced tiny zucchini, quartered tomatoes, torn up basil and zucchini blossoms, finely diced salami, and a lemony vinaigrette spooned over all.

We found a bag of zucchini blossoms hanging on our door knob. Could we have a secret admirer? Who is our very kind, generous friend? So we made a white wine batter and fried up all the blossoms along with parsley and sage leaves from our garden. The soft herbaceous flowers and herbs were encrusted in a shatteringly crisp crust. We sat at a little table and ate right off the platter, sipping cold white wine as we crunched. It was a good way to end the week. Cook something delicious for yourselves this weekend, dear friends.

Lunch today is warm succotash—zucchini, green beans, bi-color corn (boiled and roasted), chopped parsley, lots of butter, and salt and pepper.  We have been corn mad since the beautiful fat cobs hit our local farm stands just this week. Tune in today to The Canal House Kitchen Hour on WDVR, 4–5 PM. We’ll interview our favorite local farmer, Trauger’s Myron Kressman; ice-cream genius Gabby Carbone of Princeton’s The Bent Spoon; great music; and of course everything we know about cooking corn. To paraphrase Charles Osgood, “We’ll see you on the radio!”

We don’t know about you, but when the corn comes in, it’s just about the only thing we want to eat. It gives us another excuse to eat two of our other favorite things: butter and salt. This morning, we drove up the river to Trauger’s Farm Market in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania—they always have the best corn. We are bi-color corn fans. We like the way the starchier yellow kernels balance the sweeter white kernels. Though they had our darling bi-color corn, we decided to live a little and grabbed a dozen ears of their all-yellow Honey Select. We boiled five ears of the corn, slathered them with butter then seasoned them with salt. Talk about perfection. Sweet, but not too, and bursting with delicious corniness. Tonight we’ll finish off the rest of the dozen ears for dinner. Can’t wait.


On the hottest, muggiest day of the summer so far, we heated up a skillet of oil and fried ourselves lunch. Beautiful pieces of salmon filet got jackets of crisp mixed flours, while the zucchini and green beans wore delicate dresses of a lacy tempura batter. Too hot to cook anything else today—we’ll eat salads for dinner.

So, about those zucchini. We plucked the smaller ones from yesterday’s haul for lunch today. Decided to make an open-face omelet so we could admire the squash’s beauty. First, a quick sautée in olive oil with a sliced onion and clove of fresh garlic. We added a big dollop of harissa, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some salt and pepper, then spooned the filling over our 6-egg omelet.

Hey, speaking of eggs, tune in today (and every Wednesday) from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm to “Canal House Kitchen Hour”, our new radio program on WDVR, New Jersey Radio. You can listen on your device if you’re out of range. We’ll keep an eye (an ear) out for you.


Caught up in the holiday weekend, neither of us got a chance to stop by our garden patch to pick. And besides, nothing seemed close-to-ready when we were there on Friday. It must have been the scattered soaking rains that passed through because today, the garden was a jungle, the plants heavy with fruit and flowers. The green and wax beans, in particular, called to us to pick them for lunch today. Fat and meaty, we cooked them until tender and tossed them in a shallot-parsley vinaigrette. And to go with, we each had a dainty piece of cold fried chicken. Now we have to figure out what to do with the out-of-control huge zucchini hiding under the leaves—we fear, they are the first of many. Maybe we could start a Canal House baseball team that uses gigantic overgrown zucchini instead of baseball bats.


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