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Caught up in the holiday weekend, neither of us got a chance to stop by our garden patch to pick. And besides, nothing seemed close-to-ready when we were there on Friday. It must have been the scattered soaking rains that passed through because today, the garden was a jungle, the plants heavy with fruit and flowers. The green and wax beans, in particular, called to us to pick them for lunch today. Fat and meaty, we cooked them until tender and tossed them in a shallot-parsley vinaigrette. And to go with, we each had a dainty piece of cold fried chicken. Now we have to figure out what to do with the out-of-control huge zucchini hiding under the leaves—we fear, they are the first of many. Maybe we could start a Canal House baseball team that uses gigantic overgrown zucchini instead of baseball bats.


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