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We hosted a pop-up Avocado-Toast-Happy-Hour last night in a beautiful meadow behind the Carversville General Store. The whole evening was reminiscent of Brigadoon—an idyllic setting, a gorgeous summer evening, even an impromptu jam session with a banjo, a mandolin, and a clarinet—it was a magical moment. We grilled Crossroads Bake Shop Heirloom Wheat Bread then topped the toast with smashed avocados anointed with olive oil. We kept with the theme for lunch today at the studio (not quite the dreamy meadow). We used leftover bread to make anchovy toast that we served with seared shishito peppers. Thank God we aren’t allergic to gluten ’cause these toasts are all we want to munch on. Cook something delicious for yourselves this weekend, dear friends.

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