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In honor of the Lunar New Year we have been eating dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. This weekend we cooked for a DC Sips & Suppers dinner benefiting Martha’s Table and DC Kitchen and that’s what we served. Saturday morning, before the dinner, a wonderful group of volunteers gathered around a kitchen table and helped us fill and wrap. What seemed to be a daunting task —600 plus dumplings—turned into a rare experience. All of us talked and shared stories as we filled and folded. This has been part of kitchen culture for eons. We were working in Joan Nathan’s kitchen and all day long people came and went but everyone of them commented how much they want to join our group. It was communal, intimate, enlightening, and so very rewarding. Sometimes you think that you are giving, but really you end up getting.

Sometimes the winter blues sink in, because daylight is so short, and the idea of hopping in the car after work to drive the dark country roads to shop for groceries seems so hard—so the fridge grows bare. When this cycle begins, you know, it’s time to snap out of it! Last night, one of us made the extra-long drive to a huge Asian market to stock up on things for the studio and our larders at home. There were vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetable. Tofu, salty and sweet preserved fish, meat, cabbage, what a turn on! Lunch today on this cold overcast day has brightened our spirits: warm silken tofu with fiery cabbage kimchi and seasoned dry shrimp. Make something delicious for yourselves today, dear friends.



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