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We met early this morning to gather up the rest of the spring vegetables to serve along with the spit-roasted lamb for Easter lunch. We hit all our favorite farm stands and shops. But, in fact, nothing is growing locally, spring hasn’t really arrived yet—no asparagus, artichokes or fava beans (oh, that’s right, these are never local!), no spring onions, English peas, morels, or even fiddlehead ferns. So, for Sunday, we’ll just have to go with deviled eggs, potatoes cooked in half-and-half and salted Irish butter, and a pavlova with whipped cream and exotic fruits. But for lunch today, we stuck with the reality of April in the Northeast and had poached eggs (the postmistress is our dealer), with salted butter and lots of chives snipped from pots in the backyard. Cook something delicious for yourself this holiday weekend, dear friends. Happy Easter. Hippity hop!


Even though it’s Saturday, and a beautiful, sunny warm spring one at that, we are happy to be in the studio. Not that we aren’t wishing we were outside, taking in the fresh air and working in our gardens. But while we worked away this morning, we had these big fat asparagus to look forward to for lunch today. We peeled the zaftig beauties, boiled them until tender, then dressed them with lots of salted Irish butter and thick shavings of aged parmiggiano-reggiano. One of us ate them with fork and knife. The other with her fingers. Both ways perfectly correct at our table. We’d sacrifice a day off anytime for a working lunch like this.


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