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Yesterday’s rainy weather inspired us to make a lasagne bolognese. So this morning we did the whole meghilla—made the bolognese sauce, the balsamella, rolled out sheets of fresh pasta, and grated a pile of Parmigiano-Reggiano. We layered everything in a baking pan, then let the hot oven do its thing. The resulting pasta is a masterpiece (and we say that with all modesty; you just can’t go wrong with this dish). We both ate generous squares, layer upon layer of lusciousness. Before lunch we had been listening to funk, it’s our Friday tradition. But now the studio is quiet and we are almost dozing at our computers. A perfect way to end the week and start the unofficial beginning of summer. Soon we’ll rouse ourselves and skip out early into this beautiful day. So much to do for the weekend: look for herbs to plant up empty pots, find briskets to braise, and pick strawberries to pile on shortcake. You do it too, sneak out early. And remember to cook something delicious for yourselves, dear friends.

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