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We were all set to begin a more-salads-for-lunch regime, considering yesterday was the first full day of spring and we have some winter weight to shed. Then today in rolls “foureaster” storm, Toby, dumping about 12-inches of heavy wet snow. So we cooked a potful of pasta and sauced it with meaty ragu. There’s a lot of shoveling to do and we girls do need our strength. When the sun comes out again and the snow melts away, we’ll give that no-carb regime a try.

We’ve had a taste of spring. The mercury crawled into the 70s a couple of weeks ago, some crocuses bloomed, the spring peepers have been chirping, and the afternoon light lingers well past five o’clock. But March has come in on cue, behaving like a lion, and we are bracing for our second nor’easter in less than a week. We’ll cook a few dishes today to hold us a day or two in the event tomorrow’s forecasted snow keeps us homebound. While poking around in the freezer this morning, we decided to make a little room in there, and defrosted a container of turkey stock for lunch. We cooked some fat noodles separately (so they didn’t soak up all the stock), then added them to the simmering broth along with frozen peas, and a big handful of chopped parsley. It’s a light lunch. But we have a lot to do before we face what tomorrow brings. And hey, if the storm blows over, at least we’ll have made some room in our freezer.

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