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We’re at our local farm markets almost everyday now, shopping for lunch or dinner. But today, we had to grab a few things at the supermarket. Passing by the produce section, we stopped dead in our tracks—the heads of cauliflower were surprisingly gorgeous. Creamy white with lots of green leaves. Into the shopping cart went a head, then we went straight to the International Section aisle and picked up a jar of our friend Maya Kaimal’s Tikka Masala Indian Simmering Sauce. At the studio we sautéed some onions, added the simmering sauce, big florets of blanched cauliflower, some chick peas, and English peas then garnished the dish with chopped cilantro and wedges of lime to squeeze on at the table. We say this every time we cook with Maya’s sauces, “Thank you Maya Kaimal for making life so easy and delicious”.

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