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Day four of Hummus for Lunch. Seems that this week we have been starting with olive oil, sliced onions, and garlic but this time we threw in some chopped anchovies. After the onions were soft, we added chopped kale and a splash of white wine, and cooked them until they were tender. Then we spooned the greens on top of  thinly spread hummus. Our finishing seasonings were olive oil (for richness), crushed red pepper flakes (for spiciness), and salt and pepper (because they are the king and queen of all seasonings). Now the hummus is all gone (that was a whole lotta hummus for two girls to consume) and we are fit as fiddles. Thank you Michael Solomonov for 5-Minute Hummus from Israeli Soul: Easy, Essential, Delicious. Whatever will we have for lunch tomorrow?

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