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Sometimes, when we’re on the road, as we’ve been this week, we eat like dogs and can’t wait to get back to the familiar and reliably good rhythms and flavors of home (and studio). We lucked out this week—shooting, cooking, and eating everything that Ned Baldwin  (chef owner of Houseman in NYC) makes for the cookbook he and author pal Peter Kaminsky are working on together (working title: 5 Ways: Master a Basic Recipe and See Where It Takes You (Houghton Mifflin, 2020). Oh yeah, out on the North Fork of Long Island. We gave Ned a break today and made lunch—a simple salad of chickpeas, string beans, and torn radicchio and parsley leaves tossed with a soft-boiled egg enriched parsley vinaigrette. Canned tuna served on the side. Fingers crossed the boys like what we made(!).

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