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The week started off chilly and damp, definitely soup weather. Though it has gotten warmer, it’s still soggy and a bit dreary, and we’ve been making soup for dinner all week long: chicken vegetable; split pea and ham hock; fall squash; bok choy and spinach in ginger broth. Today we made a silky smooth cauliflower soup for lunch. We sweated onions and a little garlic in some olive oil, added saffron threads, marash red pepper flakes, cauliflower, and some good stock to the pot. When the cauliflower was soft, we whirled everything together in a blender until smooth, then served ourselves big bowls of the soup, garnished with a little melted saffron butter and lots of black pepper. Soup weather. At this time of year, it’s a nice way to ease on into cool weather cooking.

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