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We cooked a Christmas lunch for all the hard-working, talented men who have been transforming The Canal House Station in our new home. Normally, they eat in the midst of scaffolding, ladders, and saws but we hid all the boxes and general disarray of a construction site and set a nice table for them. We laid out relish trays with breadsticks, salami, prosciutto, olives, carrots, and celery. Then we served them lasagne Bolognese and garlic bread, followed by a chicory salad with orange segments and fennel. It was sea salt caramel and Madagascan vanilla gelato with Christmas cookies for dessert. It was a big success on all sides. We ate our lasagne in the kitchen. Then we did the whole thing over again for the Early Bird Espresso & Mercantile team’s Christmas dinner. As always the giving is always better than the getting. Cook something delicious for yourselves this holiday weekend, dear friends.

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