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MH: One of the Canal House Station early morning rituals I loved (we are temporarily closed to combat the spread of COVID-19) was when CH would ask if Nash (our manager) and I were hungry, then make us a plate of scrambled eggs. Sometimes, we hadn’t even had a chance to answer, and she was already on it, cracking eggs into a bowl, then the sound of the metal whisk hitting the metal bowl as she beat them up. I’ve always liked the scrambled eggs I make for myself—just eggs, cooked very soft, with large curds streaked with yolk and white, but there’s something special about the ones CH makes. The pillowy curds are so tender and delicate, they’re almost custard-like. I made some eggs for myself at home today, hoping to satisfy my craving. But they weren’t quite the same. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention? We all know how delicious things can taste when someone cooks for you, such a gift, but I think there’s more it than that. CH, how do you make your scrambled eggs so darn delicious?

CH: I love to make scrambled eggs. Well, I could begin at the beginning and say I love eggs. For both of us it is our go-to meal. They are simple, yet very particular things to cook. My preference is to crack three eggs into a bowl then add a generous splash of heavy cream. Meanwhile I melt a nice knob of salted Irish butter in a nonstick pan over medium heat. While the butter melts, I beat the eggs with a whisk until everything is all mixed up together. Then I pour the eggs into the foaming butter. I wait a second or two then, using a little spatula, I pull the eggs from the edges into the middle of the pan. The trick is to keep moving the eggs so that they don’t brown while allowing them to remain in large soft curds. They will keep cooking after you remove them from the heat and for my part, I want them soft but cooked (not runny). I pile them onto a plate and add a dollop of ketchup on the side—hot pillowy eggs; cold tangy, sweet ketchup. Pretty darn close to the perfect bite. Wish I could scramble up a panful for everyone right now.

Eat well, stay healthy—please!

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