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MH: From everyone I’ve been talking to these days, we’ve all been eating a lot of carbs, just the thing to comfort us. I needed to break out and was craving a salad for lunch today. I had some micro greens in the fridge that needed to be used up, and to add somebody and crunch to the mix, I tossed in some hunks of iceberg lettuce. I could eat eggs every day, and even though we had scrambled eggs for lunch yesterday, I added two jammy hard-boiled eggs to the salad along with half a beautifully ripe feurte avocado (courtesy of our friends in Ventura, California). The vinaigrette— made in the bottom of the salad bowl so I could toss everything together just before eating—was our classic Canal House vinaigrette (a small clove of garlic crushed with a small spoonful of Dijon mustard, some s&p, and a small splash of wine vinegar, then a couple glugs of extra-virgin olive oil whisked in). Well, that polishes off my greens stash for now. Maybe tiny dandelion greens from the backyard tomorrow.

CH: Today, I have taken carbs to a new high (or low, depending on how you look at it). Many years ago, as a girl, I spent time in Sydney, Australia. After a morning of shopping at David Jones, the city’s big department store, we used to lunch at a nearby café. Specialties of the house were sandwiches made with spaghetti or beans. Hysterical, right? But these times have made me a little nostalgic so I, like everyone else, want to think of happier times. Funny how memories float up out of seemingly nowhere. I decided to make my version of those long-ago sandwiches—two slices of hot buttered toast: one topped with warm leftover spaghetti Bolognese, the other with warm leftover borlotti beans cooked with a smoked pork chop. And just to guild the lily I drizzled good olive oil over everything. Delicious. I felt like a kid eating the slippery spaghetti off the toast. 

I have promised myself that I will only drink water tomorrow.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.   

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