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MH: I’m getting down to the last of the Fuertes avocados from our most recent Ventura, California delivery. Gotta eat ’em up before they tip to the other side of perfectly ripe. Turns out CH is in the same boat. Unbeknownst to each other until lunchtime, we both made ourselves avocado toasts for lunch. Simple yet luxurious. I don’t know if we have great minds, but we often do think alike.

CH: It’s such a luxury to have our California friends’ avocados and Fuertes to boot. They are in season now (November–June) but not easy to find. With a lighter texture than their cousins, the Hass avocado, they are creamy, rich, and perfect to mash on a piece of buttered toast. Of course, I added the usual—salt & pepper, a crushed peperoncino, and a drizzle of olive oil. As usual, MH and I are on the same delicious wavelength.

Eat well, stay healthy—please. 

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