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MH: In honor of Passover today, I wanted to make matzo ball soup. But with no matzo boards or matzo meal in my pantry (and no going to the supermarket to get some), I made the next best thing with what I did have on hand. I warmed up a quart of golden elixir (a rich clear chicken broth with a flavorful layer of chicken fat that rests on top; we make it all the time and it’s great to keep a stash in the freezer for times like this). Then I simmered fresh cheese tortellini in the broth until they were plump and tender. It had so much flavor I didn’t need to add another thing. This evening, I’ll join my side of the family celebrating Passover, virtually. I know they’re having homemade matzo ball soup (as delicious as my tortellini in brodo). Happy Pesach!

CH: Nash and I are on our second week of making marmalade—it’s process intensive. But we keep going because we tell ourselves that “we work in The Marmalade Factory”. So that’s what our jobs are—juicing, de-pithing, slicing, soaking, making muslin packets of pith to add pectin, cooking and reducing, boiling, sterilizing, filling jars, processing in a hot water bath, then setting. Whew! We wolfed down two bowls of not-very-good leftover something. Tonight we are having fried chicken! We’ve got to keep up our strength.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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