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MH: Last night I fried four chicken thighs for dinner so I could have two cold ones for today’s lunch. I was thinking maybe a little picnic, just as simple as can be with a couple of pickles for sour and crunch. But it’s too blustery, so I stayed safe inside, watched the occasional snow flurry from the kitchen window, and treated myself to a thimble of rosé to sip with lunch. And why not? Happy Easter weekend, everyone.

CH: Once again, two people sharing one brain. MH had chicken and a pickle, while Nash and I grabbed Ritz crackers topped with sausage swiped with Dijon and a cornichon. Without conferring, we both had a craving for pickles (well who doesn’t?). But really it was the mustard that made it such a great bite. Even the simplest snack can really hit the spot. Cook something delicious for your Easter Lunch and try to sit down at the table, if you can. We’ll be with you in spirit.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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