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MH: Nothing wrong with leftovers. CH and Nash with their rigatoni for lunch the other day sounded mighty fine to me. I’m still in Easter leftovers world and loving it. Today, it is a bowl of cold “fresh” pea soup with a dollop of chive whipped cream garnished with more fresh chives from my garden snipped on top. Thanks guys!

CH: It’s hot soup weather. A pale, weak sun, a blustery wind makes it feel like what it is, early spring. The previous warm spell kind of faked us out. We are serving a zesty carrot ginger soup for our Sunday Dinner. So this was a practice run. After eating this big bowl, I feel like a kid again—raring to get outside in the fresh air and run around. Ginger will do that (and more) for you.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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