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MH: I roasted a chicken for dinner last night and served half of it with soft buttery polenta. We could have polished off the whole bird, but held back to make a cold chicken and string bean salad for lunch today. I sliced the breast and topped it with the jellied pan drippings. That could have sufficed, but it’s the green sauce I spooned on top of that that made lunch especially delicious. We have many variations on green sauce, but here’s the one we just used: Put 1/2 cup pitted meaty green olives, 1 cup fresh parsley leaves, 1 small bunch chopped scallions or chives, 1 garlic clove, 6 anchovy filets, and juice of half a lemon in a food processor. Purée, drizzling in about 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil. Transfer to a bowl. Stir in about 1 tablespoon finely chopped preserved lemon rind, if you have some on hand, and 1–2 tablespoons capers. Adjust seasonings. Spoon this versatile sauce onto fish, vegetables, scrambled eggs, a plate of pasta garnished with grated parmesan and toasted bread crumbs, sliced fresh mozzarella, boiled potatoes…Happy Earth Day. 

CH: Once again while separated by distance we are traveling on the same wavelength. I also used up some roast chicken by tossing together a filling with mushrooms, leeks, roast chicken (natch!) then folding it into pastry for turnovers.

There sure are a lotta ways to cook a chicken!

Happy earth Day. Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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