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A puddle jumper of a day. But hard to complain when April showers bring . . . you know what. Hopefully the wind doesn’t blow all the blossoms off our little apple tree. We hung basket bird houses in the hopes that our feathered friends might set up house in our garden. But not today. Above The Station swallows and hawks alike were all goofing with the wind—soaring and swooping and gliding through the air. We made another simple salad for lunch and ate it al fresco, under the overhang of the porch, and watched the air show. Better than the Blue Angels (no disrespect).

Even when the news is so dire, when you head outside and see what spring is serving up you can forget for a moment and just feel happy. As often happens, not much on the list got accomplished. But more importantly, that wild, windy lunch will be long remembered.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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