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Do you find that your food choices are getting more specific? More idiosyncratic? Of course we, like everyone else, are eating carbs galore (rumor is that one of us used to dance under the name “Carbs Galore”). The fact that our stash of frozen quarts of Bolognese sauce has dwindled to one attests to that. Then suddenly, we just had to have a big crunchy green salad dressed with a tart, garlicky vinaigrette. And now, one of us is hooked on salami on toast slathered with extra strength Dijon mustard. It is all texture and flavor: crunch, chewy, fatty meat, and pungent acidic heat. It is the old “I’ll just make and eat one”, then two minutes later you’re back in the kitchen making another and so it goes til the sausage is half gone and the mustard jar is empty. One of our aunts ate a whole cheesecake that way, one thin, tiny slice at a time. Oh well, we’ll go for a stroll with the dogs and walk it off. On this breezy blowy spring day it’s hard to stay inside.

Eat well, stay healthy—please.

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